CV in English

Born 1968 in Munich/Germany, Wolfgang Schweiger owns degrees (M.A., Dr. phil., habil.) in communication studies, political science, and law at the University of Munich. His research interests cover a broad range of issues from online and social media research, the transformation of public communication, media use and effects, corporate communication and evaluation, risk communication, and empirical methods.

Schweiger has acquired and managed several third-party funded scholarly research projects (mainly Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft/German research funding organization). He was head of the division ‚Computer-mediated Communication‘ of the German Communication Association (DGPuK), editor of the e-journal ‚DGPuK Transfer‘ and board member of the journal ‚Studies in Communication/Media‘. He reviews for international, national  journals and funds (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Schweizerischer Nationalfonds), and is involved in committees and award juries. Schweiger is also a researcher and consultant in corporate communication and evaluation, media development and market research.

1996 to 2000, Schweiger was research assistant at the Institute of Communication Studies and Media Research in Munich/Germany. Winter/spring 2001 he was involved in the e-learning project ‚SYCOM‘ at the Institute of Communication Studies and Media Research (University of Zurich/Switzerland). After finishing his doctoral thesis (an empirical study of usage effects of hyperlinks), he was assistant professor at the Institute of Communication Studies and Media Research in Munich. In Winter 2004, Schweiger was visiting professor at the Department of Communication Science, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/Belgium. From 2007 to 2009, he worked as a deputy professor at the Institute of Communication Science at the TU Dresden/Germany. 2009 to 2013, Schweiger was professor of public relations at the TechU of Ilmenau/Germany. Since 2013, he holds a full professorship of online communication at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart/Germany, where he is deputy director of the Institute of Communication and director of the Bachelor and Master programs in communication.